New Home

I can’t believe after so many struggles and wishes, wants, needs, and do we really need that many rooms? We finally have a place to call our own. I have a new sense of calm and it’s been a while since I’ve had this a really long while. I feel the stress peeling off of me in layers that I’ve been needing to let go for so long. The subtle things in life are some of the most amazing things.. I can’t wait to be in our new bedroom sitting in the same spot I am now writing and feeling again. With my mind clear of all the insanity that is this big mess of worry, selfishness, health draining, chaos…. My life will not be cluttered with crap and unnecessary items that mean not a thing until you stumble across it. I just don’t want a life like that and will never bring my life to this.

A fresh new start….




These are the four things I will pride myself on in this new beginning. I love how the stimulants of my adrenaline are enough to keep me going, pumping me up for this new adventure. Every day it becomes closer and closer as a new reality.

The move in date is August 21st, 2014. One of the new best days in my existence, starting again with the one I love and our two fur babies. We are deep into our packing process and it’s funny to see how much stuff we have actually acquired over the years of our love. Memories. It’s fun to come across something you thought you had misplaced forever, wondering, “Hmmm….how did you ever get there?” I honestly didn’t realize how many coffee mugs I had until we unloaded them from the cabinets. The love of them comes from my Papa and I will always continue to collect them, they hold a special place in my heart for always.

I constantly stare at the floor plan and place our items one by one excited to see the actual outcome of these thoughts. I feel like it is one big canvas and I get to paint the most outstanding picture. I get to pick out some of our color schemes and other art pieces are the focus around mine. It’s an awesome feeling when you are in control of the life you need to live.

I’m only happy when it rains….

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he looks so pleased in the end “DID YOU SEE THAT?”



he looks so pleased in the end “DID YOU SEE THAT?”


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orphan elephant of the ivory trade Bella & abandoned puppy Bubbles are best friends [x]

my day just got 300% better

Oh my heart strings…so much tugging! 💖

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Anonymous said: All these beautiful underwear models walking around in the club (like the Abbey) how can anyone feel confident and sexy when you see their pretty faces and gorgeous god like bodies? seriously how?


Honestly? I feel sorry for people who’s sexual tastes only allow them to pursue guys with perfect physiques. Don’t get me wrong, if I was single and the opportunity presented itself, I’d hit it in a heartbeat. But I also know that my future husband doesn’t have what you’d call the “ideal” body, but he’s still incredibly sexy. Bodies can be hot, but you know what’s REALLY hot? Confidence. Feeling comfortable in your own skin. And so many of those perfectly chiseled guys are the most insecure of all. No thank you. My hubby loves himself and I love him more because of it. Besides, if you’re single, I feel like variety is the spice of life, so why limit yourself like that? You never know whose going to blow your mind in the bedroom or steal your heart. So don’t feel like you’re not entitled to self confidence just because you don’t look like an Abbey boy, and you don’t have to look like one to find yourself a catch, either.

Love this….

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So freaking cute! All of them! 😍


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