he looks so pleased in the end “DID YOU SEE THAT?”



he looks so pleased in the end “DID YOU SEE THAT?”


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orphan elephant of the ivory trade Bella & abandoned puppy Bubbles are best friends [x]

my day just got 300% better

Oh my heart strings…so much tugging! 💖

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Damn straight..

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Anonymous said: All these beautiful underwear models walking around in the club (like the Abbey) how can anyone feel confident and sexy when you see their pretty faces and gorgeous god like bodies? seriously how?


Honestly? I feel sorry for people who’s sexual tastes only allow them to pursue guys with perfect physiques. Don’t get me wrong, if I was single and the opportunity presented itself, I’d hit it in a heartbeat. But I also know that my future husband doesn’t have what you’d call the “ideal” body, but he’s still incredibly sexy. Bodies can be hot, but you know what’s REALLY hot? Confidence. Feeling comfortable in your own skin. And so many of those perfectly chiseled guys are the most insecure of all. No thank you. My hubby loves himself and I love him more because of it. Besides, if you’re single, I feel like variety is the spice of life, so why limit yourself like that? You never know whose going to blow your mind in the bedroom or steal your heart. So don’t feel like you’re not entitled to self confidence just because you don’t look like an Abbey boy, and you don’t have to look like one to find yourself a catch, either.

Love this….

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So freaking cute! All of them! 😍


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Omg..my little Rigby is in that bunch…*squeeeeee!!!*

Omg..my little Rigby is in that bunch…*squeeeeee!!!*

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This is so worth the time! Check out this awesome video by wrenthereaper!